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Phil Reeve: Freelance Web Developer

Welcome to,

My name's Phil Reeve and I work as a freelance web developer. This website is both a front for my business and a place I can put other things I might be working on or am interested in.

Web Development

As a web developer I specialise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding, with PHP5 as the main server-side scripting language. I prefer using Linux/Apache for web servers as in my experience they're cheaper and less problematic to run. I also use MySql for databases. This combination is sometimes referred to as the LAMP platform.

Approach to coding

I strive to write efficient and easy-to-understand code, laying things out in a uniform fashion; naming variables, functions and classes meaningfully (using camel case) and not trying to do anything too clever when a more straightforward, if slightly less impressive, solution is available (to achieve the same ends). This way I find it easier to revisit my old code and understand it quickly, as I hope other developers do in the situation where someone else looks through my code in the future.

When asked to work on existing projects however, I tend to adopt the methods already in place in the existing code, so for example using the same filename-naming scheme or function-layout style, as I think this reduces confusion when handed back to the original developer(s). If something is very convoluted or written in what I regard as a very bad way to do it, I will step in and re-write or alter the layout of sections of the code, just for clarity's sake. Through experience I've found that programming is easier if you make it as simple as possible :)

Web Development

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